Mukta Varsha, K. Ramana Reddy


The thought of traditional public-key file encryption by keyword search does not hold any hidden structure involving the public-key file encryption by keyword search cipher-texts correspondingly, its semantic security is just defined for your keywords and phrases. We are concerned in provision of efficient search performance missing of compromising semantic security within public-key file encryption by keyword search. Inside our work we introduce searchable public-key cipher-texts by hidden structures for keyword search as rapidly as achievable missing of compromising semantic security regarding encoded keywords and phrases. Our structure is inspired by a lot of interesting findings using the systems of on Identity-Based Key Encapsulation. Inside the recommended system, the entire keyword-searchable cipher-texts that are structured by hidden relations, by search trapdoor that suits a keyword, minimum data of relations is revealed with a search formula as management to locate the whole matching cipher-texts resourcefully.


Public-Key Encryption By Keyword Search; Semantic Security; Cipher-Texts; Trapdoor; Hidden Relations;


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