Siramdas Narmada Devi, E. Ravi


This paper explores the unit for continuous authentication of user using his credentials for example biometric traits. Typically, many of the systems originate from pairs of password which confirms the identity of user limited to login phase. Nowadays, it might be serious concern to supply more security to web services. So, secure user authentication may be the fundamental task in alarm systems. When the user is recognized with password, no inspections are moved out further during working sessions. But emerging biometric solutions substitutes the password with biometric data of user. Such approach still single shot verification is less capable since the identity of user is permanent during whole session. Hence, an easy solution is to use very small amount of time of timeouts for every session and periodically request the client to input his credentials again and again. This can be no effective solution since it heavily affects the service usability and lastly the satisfaction of clients. The usage of continuous biometric authentication system acquires credentials without clearly notifying the client or needing user interaction that's, transparently that's essential to guarantee better performance and repair usability.


Web Security; Authentication; Continuous User Verification; Biometric Authentication


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