Takkallapally Ashwini, Gajje Tejashwini, Bashaboina Prashanth, A Dinesh Kumar, G. Purnchandar Rao


Today we are living in 21st century where robotization is assuming essential part in human life. Home robotization permits us to control family unit apparatuses like light, entryway, fan, AC and so on. It additionally gives home security and crisis framework to be actuated. Home mechanization alludes to lessen human endeavors as well as vitality effectiveness and efficient. The principle goal of home computerization and security is to help debilitated and old matured individuals which will empower them to control home machines and caution them in basic circumstances. This paper put advances the outline of home computerization and security framework utilizing Android ADK. The outline depends on a standalone inserted framework board Android ADK(Accessory Development Kit) at home. Home machines are associated with the ADK and correspondence is set up between the ADK and Android cell phone or tablet. The home apparatuses are associated with the information/yield ports of the installed framework board and their status is gone to the ADK. We would add to a verification to the framework for approved individual to get to home machines. The gadget with minimal effort and adaptable to less adjustment to the center is much critical. It shows the configuration and usage of robotization framework that can screen and control home apparatuses by means of android telephone or tablet.


Automation and Security; Arduino; Embedded Systems; Android ADK; Android phone; Tablet


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