Rafeeque Ahmad Mansuri, S S P M Sharma B


In the recent times, issues of power quality are extremely vital for customers and hence for the devices of custom power, dynamic voltage restorer is employed to lessen the issues of power quality. Dynamic voltage restorer device manages active power flow and includes minute cost when measured to others. By dynamic voltage restorer device, introduced on feeder of load, line voltage is returned to its common level within few milliseconds as a result preventing power disruption. We carry out a control method of hysteresis voltage for building purpose of switching pulses for the inverter of dynamic system of voltage restorer. By added benefits of low expenditure as well as simple functioning, our proposed system is tremendously accepted for power supply of microprocessors. The proposed method of hysteresis voltage presents quick transient response without additional loop compensation.


: Power quality; Hysteresis voltage; Dynamic voltage restorer; Microprocessor; Power supply; Inverter; Transient response;


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