S. Vishnu Vardhan, Thota Neha


Social Network is a community deployment model network where a set of community members, groups or organizations interact and communicate, explore the social relationship where social networking is a service where people can share data resources and communicate in bi-directional with web based multimedia. Social Network platforms provided a best way to communicate and interact, where apps become more sophisticated, the cloud infrastructure is provisioned for exclusive use by specific social community of consumers from a group or organization that have shared concerns. It may be owned, managed and operated by one or more of the organizations in the community a third party or some combinations of them, and it may exist on or off premises. In this paper we discussed the Design and implementation procedures of social private community cloud based network where users can share web and multimedia based data and information. And large amount of data such as photographs, videos and text data can be stored in highly secured private cloud. The role of Deferred Acceptance Algorithm is discussed, developed and proved. We focused on social cloud computing which is designed to enable access to elastic compute capabilities provided through a cloud fabric constructed over resources contributed by socially connected peers. The social traverse networks enable edge users to provide resources to and consume resources from, one another. Mathematical and Algorithmic approach is given along with the experimental analysis on a data set. In this paper we concentrated on different security measures for data security and storage where data in rest or transit, including multi-tenancy along with data lineage and provenance. Finally we concluded with discussion of application implementation and result analysis.


Cloud Security; Social Networks; Deferred Acceptance Algorithm; vulnerabilities


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