N.Veera Babu, Dr.P. Ramanjaneyulu, N.S.Kalyan Chakravarthi


Now a days, the problem of voltage sags and Swells create a severe impact on sensitive loads in industries. Due to which load shedding and over voltages might occur. This paper deals with the PI controller fed ZSI-DVR which achieve the desired frequency and time domain specifications simultaneously. Voltage sag and swell is big problem in power system. Sensitive load has a severe impact on itself due to voltage sag and swell. Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) is a power custom device used in power distribution network. The Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) is fast, flexible and efficient solution to voltage sag problem. The ZSI-DVR is a power electronic based device that provides three-phase controllable voltage source with impedance circuit, whose voltage vector (magnitude and angle) adds to the source voltage during sag event, to restore the load voltage to pre-sag conditions. The DVR is designed for protecting the whole plant with loads in the range of some MVA. The DVR can restore the load voltage within few milliseconds. This paper discussed abc to dq0 base new control algorithm to generate the pulse. The simulation results are obtained through MATLAB/SIMULINK software.


Power Quality; Voltage sags /swells; DVR; MATLAB / SIMULINK;


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