G. Sravanthi, D. Revathi


This project proposes a hybrid DSTATCOM with LCL filter which is connected at infront  of VSI , which provides better switching harmonics elimination while using much smaller value of an inductor as compared with the traditional L-filter . A capacitor is used in series with LCL-filter to reduce the dc-link voltage of the D-STATCOM. Hence, reduced the power rating of VSI. Reduced DC- link voltage causes reduced voltage across LCL-filter.  Then reduce the power loss. A multi level cascaded – H-bridge is implemented in the VSI operation of a D-STATCOM topology. The effectiveness of the proposed DSTATCOM topology over traditional topologies is validated through MATLAB/SIMULINK software.


Distribution static compensator (DSTATCOM), multilevel inverter (MLI), cascaded H-bridge, passive filter, power quality (PQ).


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