P. Abhilasha, Dr.G.V. Padma Raju


Due to the expanding prominence of distributed computing, increasingly information proprietors are inspired to outsource their information to cloud servers for awesome accommodation and lessened cost in information administration. We submit a safe and secure search method which is dependent on the tree above encrypted cloud information, also it manages multi-keyword search in addition to dynamic process on assortment of documents.  Due to important structure of tree-based index, forecasted search system will effectively get sub-straight line search some time and manage the entire process of deletion in addition to insertion of documents.  Even if this concept is certainly not new for RDBMS based systems, this can be a new information-access paradigm for Encrypted Cloud Domains driven by user file discussing activities. Here, the machine searches Cloud Secure data quickly because the user types in query keywords. Many works were suggested in a variety of types of threat to achieve various functionalities for search for example single keyword search, multi-keyword rated search, and so forth.  Of these works, multi-keyword manner of rated search has gotten more importance because of its realistic applicability.  The forecasted plan is recognized as to provide multi-keyword query in addition to precise result ranking, additionally dynamic update above document collections. For acquiring of high search effectiveness, we develop a tree-based index structure and propose a formula based on the index tree.


Multi-Keyword Ranked Search; Tree-Based Index; Sub-Linear Search; Encrypted Cloud Data; Result Ranking;


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