Manneli Talpagiri, Muchakala Suresh


The blades have the effect of removing energy in the hot temperature, ruthless gas created through the combustor. The turbine blades are frequently the restricting element of gas turbines. To outlive within this difficult atmosphere, turbine blades frequently use exotic materials like super alloys and lots of different ways of cooling, for example internal air channels, boundary layer cooling, and thermal barrier coatings. The way the program makes effective utilization of the ANSYS preprocessor to mesh complex turbine blade geometries and apply boundary conditions. This project summarizes the look and analysis of Gas turbine blade, SOLID WORKS can be used for style of solid model and ANSYS software for analysis for F.E. model generated, by making use of boundary condition, this project includes specific post processing and existence assessment of blade. The main purpose of this project is to buy natural frequencies and mode form of the turbine blade. Here under we presented how Designing of the turbine blade is performed in SOLID WORKS with the aid of co-ordinate generated on CMM. And also to demonstrate the pre-processing abilities, static and dynamic stress analyses results, generation of Campbell and Interference diagrams and existence assessment.


Gas Turbine Blade; Blade Design; ANSYS;


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