H. Mohammed Khan, Dr.J.George Chellin Chandran, C.Sahaya Kingsly


Network Security is protecting data transmitted over a    network and privacy is of utmost importance. Rapid developments in information technology makes Data Security a challenging issue of data communications in the global networked world. Vital information of offices and organizations has to be guarded from unauthorized persons who may tamper with the information. Sensitive information is exposed to threats like masquerades, corruption or denial of services [1, 2].  Secure systems need to maintain integrity and privacy of data [3]. Designing an appropriate security system to protect proprietary information requires developing a set of appropriate solutions for specific risk scenarios. One important tool to protect information is the use of cryptography for hiding contents of a message and Confidentiality of network communications. The applications of cryptography go beyond networks, business and customers. This paper suggests a new direction in using cryptography for network security.


Cryptographic Algorithm, Network Security, Communication security.


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