Goroginam Santhi, Ganji Madhukar


A leaf spring is a straightforward type of spring, generally employed for the suspension in wheeled vehicles. Leaf Springs are lengthy and narrow plates connected to the frame of the trailer that rest below or above the trailer's axle. The Car Industry has proven increase interest for substitute of steel leaf spring with this of composite leaf spring, because the composite material has high strength to weight ratio, good corrosion resistance. The paper describes dynamic and static analysis of steel leaf spring and laminated composite Multi leaf spring. The aim would be to compare displacement, frequencies, deflections and weight savings of composite leaf spring with this of steel leaf spring. The length of a current conventional steel leaf spring of the Light design calculations. Dynamic and static Analysis of three-D type of conventional leaf spring is conducted using ANSYS. Same dimension is utilized in composite multi leaf spring using S2 Glass/Epoxy and Kevlar/Epoxy unidirectional laminates. Analysis is completed by layer stacking way of composites by altering reinforcement angles for several layers, 5 layers and 11 layers. The load of composite leaf spring is in contrast to those of steel leaf spring. The look constraints are stresses and deflection.


Automobile Industry; Composite Leaf Spring; Leaf Spring; ANSYS;


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