Sama Nagarjun Reddy, B. M.G.Prasad


Many works were suggested in several types of threat to achieve various benefits for search for example single keyword search, multi-keyword rated search, and so forth.  Of individuals works, multi-keyword kinds of rated search is becoming more importance because of its realistic effectiveness.  We submit a great search method which pulls round the tree above encoded cloud information, and additionally it manages multi-keyword search additionally to dynamic process on selection of documents.  For acquiring of high search effectiveness, we produce a tree-based index structure and propose an formula while using the index tree. The forecasted plan's referred to as to provide multi-keyword query additionally to specific result ranking, furthermore dynamic update above document collections. Due to important structure of tree-based index, forecasted search system will effectively get sub-straight line search a serious amounts of manage the operation of deletion additionally to insertion of documents.


Multi-Keyword Ranked Search; Tree-Based Index; Sub-Linear Search; Encrypted Cloud Data; Documents; Result Ranking;


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