N. Sai Bhavani, S. Mahesh Reddy, P. Suresh Kumar


The scope of the project would be to create a sensor interface device required for sensor data assortment of industrial atmosphere We by hand measure physical parameters in the market like temperature, humidity, level, Co2, moisture sensor and lightweight recognition that is very hard and inaccurate. An ordinary person cannot appraise the physical parameters precisely. To avert this difficulty we opting for our suggested system in which the wireless connection is carried out to acquire data in the various sensors, additionally it cuts down on setup difficulties. By utilizing Bluetooth Technology, sensors information is delivered to the approved person, who is able to begin to see the data status on Smartphone through Android Application. The work is aimed to create an alarm system which could monitor the various sensors to get Industrial parameters like smoke and temperature and transmit the information towards the approved person using Bluetooth communication technology. The main benefit of this PROJECT is supplying the safety for data while transmitting and sensing the sensor Values very precisely.


Security System; ARM-Based Structure; Sensor Data; Industry Parameters;


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