B. Santhosh Kumari


This paper propounds an advanced component of flexible AC transmission system (FACTS) called distribution power flowcontroller (DPFC). DPFC is derived from unified power flow controller (UPFC) with an eliminated common dc link. In this system the large number of series converters provides redundancy, increasing the reliability of the proposed system. For the D-FACTS there is no requirement for high voltage isolation between the phases as converters are single phase and floated with respect to the ground. Accordingly the DPFC system is more economic than the UPFC. Due to high control capability of DPFC, it used to reduce power quality problems, removing the fault oscillation and improving the transient stability. Non-linear loads make up a large percentage of all electrical power demands; it also introduces harmonic voltages and currents in the system which helps to analyze the system capability to overcome various fault condition. In this paper the control circuit is designed by using series referral voltages, branch currents. The system is modeled and simulated in MATLAB environment using Simulink and Simpower System toolboxes by using MATLAB/SIMULINK.


FACTS; power quality; sag; swell mitigation; distributed power flow controller; AC-DC conversion; and non-linear load;


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