N. Grace Naomi, Dr. G. Charles Babu, Dr. Ch. Ramesh Babu


Using the development of cloud computing, it's increasingly popular for data entrepreneurs to delegate their data to public cloud servers while enabling data clients to retrieve this data. For privacy concerns, secure searches over encoded cloud data have motivated several research works beneath the single owner model. However, most cloud servers used don't merely serve one owner rather, they support multiple entrepreneurs to speak about the benefits created by cloud computing. In this particular paper, we advise schemes to deal with Privacy safeguarding Ranked Multi-keyword Search in the Multi-owner model (PRMSM). To allow cloud servers to complete secure search lacking the knowledge of the specific data of both keywords and phrases and trapdoors, we methodically create a manuscript secure search protocol. To put searching results and preserve the privacy of relevance scores between key phrases and files, we advise a manuscript Additive Order and Privacy Safeguarding Function family. To prevent the attackers from eaves shedding secret keys and pretending to get legal data clients posting searches, we advise a manuscript dynamic secret key generation protocol plus a new data user authentication protocol. Additionally, PRMSM supports efficient data user revocation. Extensive experiments on real-world datasets browse the effectiveness and efficiency of PRMSM.


Cloud Computing; Ranked Keyword Search; Multiple Owners; Privacy Preserving; Dynamic Secret Key


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