N. Srujana, G. Srinivasa Rao, Dr. M. V. Sivaprasad


The attention in anomaly is difficult since they include important and actionable data in lots of domains, for example invasion and recognition of fraud furthermore to medical diagnosis. It had been in recent occasions observed that distribution of point reverse-neighbour counts become skewed in high dimensions that results within phenomenon referred to as hubness. We offer a unifying vision of role concerning reverse nearest neighbour counts within problems strongly related not viewed anomaly recognition, and concentrate on high dimensionality effects on not viewed anomaly-recognition techniques in addition to hubness phenomenon. The feel of anti-hubs happens because high dimensionality when neighbourhood dimension is small in comparison with data size. These anti-hubs occurrence is strongly associated with anomaly in high-dimensional furthermore to low dimensional data.



Anomaly; Hubness; High-Dimensional; Unsupervised; Nearest Neighbour; Anomaly-Detection; Anti-Hubs;


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