Shaik Amer Sohail, Ch. Sudhamani


With the upcoming aging society and emerging of some newly discovered chronic diseases, the demand of hospital nursing for elderly patients had been significantly increased. It is a critical issue for health worker to provide a comprehensive, proactive health care in hospital, especially for those disabled patients who are unable to speak or behave themselves. This study proposes an innovative wearable RFID tag which embedded body temperature monitoring sensor, and equipped with automatic identification and localization, real-time emergency notification for healthcare workers. Additionally operating with the intelligent backend system architecture this system can also provide immediate physician advice in case if emergency situation happens without doctors near the side. The result of the study provides a ubiquitous medical care throughout whole hospital, and the newly invented tag may bring a significant change to normal health care process especially in patient care.


RFID tag; Medical Care; Patient Monitoring; Raspberry Pi; Wireless sensors


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