Pandiri. Sabitha, G. Srikanth


With the current advancement in wireless networks and various technologies implemented for automation, more innovative and improved ideas are developed to build automation systems facilitating remote controlling and monitoring of devices.

In this paper, a GSM based wireless home automation system is proposed and deployed which executes its function of controlling and monitoring appliances remotely. It is compliant, cost effective, low power consumption; highly efficient GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) based wireless home system.

The Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) is improvised to embellish the system’s security and ease of operation. With the help of this system the user can access his home appliances from anywhere and at any time as per the requirement aiding convenience. The system permits the user direct devices through his mobile by sending voice commands using IVRS system. It also enables the user to monitor the status of loads with SMS update. A detailed system analysis is carried out and presented in this paper.


Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS); GSM; Raspberry Pi; Wireless Networks


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Chipcon CC1000: Datasheet for Transreciever module: Available at:


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