Syed Fasi Uddin, Sudha Arvind


Accurate and quantifiable measurement of light is essential in creating desired outcomes in practical day to day applications as well as unique applications such as traffic lighting system, Poultry Industry, Gardening, Museum lighting system, at emergency exits etc. Hence, Light measurement and analysis is an important step in ensuring efficiency and safety. Many of the industries are burdened with limited number of resources and real shortage of experts on their fields; real time remote monitoring presents an effective solution that minimizes their efforts and expenditures to achieve the desired results within time.

This paper introduces real time remote Light intensity monitoring system using Raspberry Pi which enables the user to track the lighting system remotely. Raspberry pi is a low cost ARM powered Linux based computer which acts as a server, and it communicates with clients with LAN or external Wi-Fi module. The key feature of this system is light intensity being monitored instantaneously and data stored in the database for future use, and shown in the form of dynamic charts to the user according to the user requirement in a terminal device like Tablet or Smart Phone or any internet enabled device. This empowers experts to make right decisions at right time to get desired results.


Light Intensity; Wireless Detection; Raspberry Pi; Cloud Storage


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