J. Damodhar, S. Swathi


The importance of embedded systems is growing continuously. With the advancements in internet technologies and Wireless Sensors Networks, such systems monitor the environment parameters namely: temperature, humidity, co2 concentration and light intensity in greenhouse. A new system is proposed from the inspiration of the above system to monitor the various parameters in the kitchen. This proposed system principally monitors and control some of the environmental parameters such as light intensity, room temperature and fire. It also indicate and inform the usage of LPG gas when it exceeds beyond certain level to the concerned person. There is another feature added to the system to mean “Smart kitchen” by monitoring supplies like rice. If it is below 2kg then updated to the user to buy rice. This proposed system can monitor the status of kitchen and send an email and/or an alert SMS via GSM network automatically to a concerned authority, if the conditions get abnormal and find a wide application in areas where physical presence is not possible all the time. The Wi-Fi and Raspberry pi are used in the implementation of sensor module. This system offers a complete low cost, powerful and user friendly way of real time monitoring and control of kitchen


Raspberry Pi; Mq2 Sensor; Fire Sensor; Gsm; Embedded Web Server


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