B. Ramakrishna Teja, B.V. Srinivasulu


Protecting consumers’ privacy isn't an easy task because of the sensitive information active in the interactions between consumers and also the trust management service. Safeguarding cloud services against their malicious customers really are a difficult problem. Trust management is among the most difficult issues for that adoption and development of cloud computing. The highly dynamic, distributed, and non-transparent nature of cloud services introduces several challenging issues for example privacy, security, and availability guaranteeing the supply of the trust management services are another critical challenge due to the dynamic nature of cloud conditions. In the following paragraphs, we describe the look and implementation of Cloud Armor, a status-based trust management framework that gives a collection of functionalities to provide Trust like a Service (Takas), including i) a manuscript protocol to demonstrate the credibility of trust feedbacks and preserve users’ privacy, ii) an adaptive and powerful credibility model for calculating the credibility of trust feedbacks to safeguard cloud services from malicious customers and also to compare the reliability of cloud services, and iii) an availability model to handle the availability from the decentralized implementation from the trust management service. The practicality and advantages of our approach have been validated with a prototype and experimental studies using an accumulation of real-world trust feedbacks on cloud services.


Cloud Computing; Trust Management; Reputation; Credibility; Credentials; Security; Privacy; Availability


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