Bandaru Ravi Teja, K.Ashok Kumar


Data discussing systems that derive from cloud storage has acquired attention within the recent occasions. Customers are furthermore taking pleasure in the practicality of discussing data by way of cloud storage and through this method customers are increasingly more concerned regarding accidental data leaks inside the cloud. These data leaks, caused using a malicious foe can typically result in severe breaches of private privacy. Within our work we advise a manuscript idea of key aggregate searchable file encryption by instantiating the idea completely via a concrete key aggregate searchable file encryption system. Here the information owner just must allocate a specific key perfectly into a user for discussing a large number of documents, and user simply must submit a specific trapdoor towards cloud for querying shared documents. The suggested system is applicable for just about any cloud storage that supports searchable group data discussing functionality.


Data Sharing; Key Aggregate Searchable Encryption; Data Leaks; Privacy; Data Owner; Cloud Storage; Trapdoor; Malicious Adversary; Documents


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