T. Neetha


Organizing of important data by the cloud provider should give assurance of protecting and accessing of the data in any situation.  We employ an approach that assures confidentiality of data that is stored within databases of public cloud. There are various methods that make sure of protection for storage service while promising of privacy in database as a service is considered as an important research area till now. It is compatible with satisfactory database servers and is related to various database functioning since the entire adopted solutions are database agnostic. The design makes it associated to works that makes uses encryption to defend data that is managed by databases that are not trustable. It put together conventional methods of cryptography schemes, as well as new methods for managing of encrypted metadata on the cloud database that is not trustable.  This approach incorporates services of cloud database by means of data privacy and implements synchronized operations on encrypted information.  


Cryptography Schemes; Encrypted; Cloud Database; Storage Service


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