M. Sudhakar, V. Swathi


Weather monitoring has become an important process for the human sustenance; therefore collection of information about the temporal dynamics of weather changes from a large number of locations has become inevitable. The fundamental aim of this paper is to develop an embedded system to design a real time remote weather monitoring system which enables the monitoring of important weather parameters. Such a system makes use of sensors like temperature, humidity, airflow, pressure, CO content in the air for the purpose of data generation. The data from the sensors are collected by the ARM processor, processed and also sent to intended location through the Ethernet. Some of these sensors produce the data in analog form, therefore we use internal ADC of  ARM-11 to convert into digital format. The data is presented in a remotely located computer using Ethernet for further processing, usage and presentation in the desired format. It is also possible set threshold values for these parameters and generates warning in case of parameter crossing threshold value.


Real Time Monitoring Of Weather Parameters; Remote Monitoring Of Weather; ARM-11 Processor For Data Acquisition; Sensors For Weather Monitoring; Ethernet; IOT


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