Nagendra D. R ., Dr. Ravikumar M.S ., Hanumanthappa magalada ., Santhosh T.R .


In this paper introduces a approach to implement image fusion algorithm i.e. LAPLACIAN PYRAMID based on (discrete cosine transform) DCT. This proposed technique implements a pattern selective approach to image fusion. The basic idea is to perform pyramid decomposition on each source image. It is concluded that fusion with higher level of pyramid provides better fusion quality. The execution time is proportional to the number of pyramid levels used in the fusion process. The performance of this technique is measured by root mean square error, peak signal to noise ratio, mea absolute error and signal to noise ratio. From the performance analysis it has been observed that PSNR and SNR is increased, where as RMSE and MAE is decreased in this technique. The aim of image fusion, apart from reducing the amount of data, is to create new images that are more suitable for human/machine vision. The proposed algorithm is very simple, easy to implement and could be used for real time applications such as military, remote sensing and medical imaging.


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