Jiya Johnson, Keerthana R Menon, Midhun Mohandas


Robotics can play important, intelligent and technical roles that support first response equipment in harsh and dangerous environments while replacing rescue personnel from entering unreachable or unsafe places. Solving and fulfilling the needs of such tasks presents challenges in robotic mechanical structure and mobility, sensors and sensor fusion, autonomous and semi autonomous control, planning and navigation, and machine intelligence.  Unmanned Aerial photography (UAPs) are rapidly becoming a key technology in the military domain and offer great promises are a useful technology in many commercial and civil applications in future. Development of a suitable lightweight system in which a sensor is airborne for carrying out surveillance. The ir transmitter transmits the ir signals continuously to the maximum level of 3 ft. When the ir signals are reflected back by an object then the signals is received by the ir receiver, thus the module senses the obstacle. An embedded system has been developed which observes an a object, the system also send an alert message to the authorized user  through gsm such that remedy measures could be easily taken


Flying robot; micro helicopter; urban search and rescue;


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