Filip Nicolae, Cristea Florin Gabriel, Groza Marius, Crișan Horea George


Mobile radars, known as hand radars become standard road patrol and are an effective way to control the vehicles speed by traffic safety point of view. Price reduced in comparison with radars mounted on the patrol cars or fixed detection systems, make these more accessible.

We developed a complete detection and speed registration system starting from basic hand radar, finding at the same time a main low cost solution.

Our solution combines the radar system with a video camera, both linked with a portable PC, for capture the picture of the detected vehicles. For make the connection between both devices, we developed a soft for record traffic values (speed and vehicle flow together with the image capture of the target vehicle). We proposed an upgrade of vehicles detection which assure plus information recorded: vehicles flow and time delay between two vehicles which run on the same direction. Supplementary a data base is automatic created and it contains vehicle capture image in sated speed detection limit conditions.

We test the developed system in laboratory conditions (testing center) and in real conditions (national road). The results showed the viability of the proposed upgrade developed for the hand radar equipment, based on the video and statistic information acquired as a low cost solution.


hand radar; vehicle flow; video capture; speed; database;


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