Anupama S Bagalkot, Himaprabha S, Lakshmi Bramhini S


This paper, presents a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) for monitoring patient’s physiological conditions continuously using Zigbee. Here the physiological conditions of the patient's are monitored by sensors and the output of these sensors is transmitted via Zigbee and the same has to be sent to the remote wireless monitor for acquiring the observed patient’s physiological signal. The remote wireless monitor is constructed of Zigbee and Personal Computer (PC). The measured signal has to be sent to the PC, which can be data collection. Although Bluetooth is better than Zigbee for transmission rate, Zigbee has lower power consumption. The first procedure of the system is that the wireless sensors are used to measure Heart rate, temperature and fall monitoring from human body using Zigbee. Next procedure of the system is to measure saline level in bottle using zigbee. The measured signal is sent to the PC via the RS-232 serial port communication interface. In particular, when measured signals cross the standard value, the personal computer will send a message to the caretaker’s mobile phone.Even we have used NFC(Near Field Communication) for continuous monitoring of patient. The patient is also attached with an NFC tag which also contains the details of measured values so that the doctor can retrieve during check up. This project gives easy interconnections between Doctor, Nurse   and Patient.


Zigbee; NFC; GSM; Sensors; APR 33A3;


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