Secure Access control Technology towards Data Sharing and Storage in Cloud Computing



Cloud computing is a type of appropriated computing wherein assets and application stages are disseminated over the Internet through on request and pay on use premise. Many cloud storage encryption schemes have been acquainted with shield data from the individuals who don't approach. We make utilization of many schemes which accepted that cloud storage providers are protected and secure. Be that as it may, by and by, a few specialists (i.e., coercers) may attempt to uncover data from the cloud without the authorization of the data proprietor. In this paper, we exhibit that the location of obscurity clients with the utilization of our productive deniable encryption conspire, while the phony clients tries to get data from the cloud they will be furnished with some phony files. With the goal that programmers can't hack the files from the cloud. Also, they are happy with their copy record by that way we can secure the proprietor mystery files or confidential files.


Cloud computing; Deniable Encryption; Attribute Based Encryption; Data security and Privacy;


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