Secure Searching Mechanism for Cloud Computing Based Cloud Storage System



Cloud computing has been considered an enterprise for IT infrastructure, which can organize huge resource of computing, storage and applications, and enable users to enjoy ubiquitous, convenient on-demand network access to a configurable computing resources with great efficiency and minimal economic overhead for shared pool. Attracted by these appealing features, both individuals and enterprises are motivated to contract out their data to the cloud, instead of purchasing software and hardware to manage the data themselves. So far, most of the works have been proposed under different threat models to achieve various search functions, such as single keyword search, similarity search, multi- keyword Boolean search, ranked search, multi-keyword ranked search, etc. Among them, multikeyword ranked search achieves more attention for its practical applicability. propose a secure and ranked multikeyword search protocol in a multi-owner cloud model over encrypted cloud data,


Cloud Security; Privacy; Utility Computing; Public Auditing; Third Party Agents And Services;


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