R. Shabari, G. Anitha


A lately suggested access control model known as attribute-based access control is a good candidate to tackle the first problem. It-not only provides anonymous authentication but in addition further defines access control policies according to features in the requester, atmosphere, or possibly the information object. In particular, within the framework of our 2FA access system, in accordance with the attribute, an access control mechanism is implemented that is necessary for the trivial and secret user's security key device. Let's introduce a new fine-grained two factors of authentication (2FA) of the access control system to cloud computing of Web services. To ensure that the user cannot access the system, if not both, that can improve the security mechanism of the system, especially in missions where many users share the same computer for Web services in their cloud. Finally, our goal is to conduct a simulation to demonstrate the feasibility of the 2FA system. Our protocol supports fine-grained attribute-based access which supplies an excellent versatility for that system to create different access policies based on different scenarios. Simultaneously, the privacy from the user can also be preserved.


Fine-Grained; Two-Factor; Access Control; Web Services;


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