Parvathi Aluvala, S. Mahesh Reddy


Most of the accidents have been passed off with negligence of people and without proper communique from coach traffic manipulate Station (TTCS). These days, we noticed a number of accidents passed off in railways. The accidents have been happened due to track cracking and not recognized the reverse trains on the same track at the correct time. When the educate met with an accident highest person lose their lives. To avoid this concern, we identified sensors in an effort to determine the railway monitor cracks and determine the reverse educate within the equal track inside a short while. The motive of the mission is to strengthen and design a inexpensive approach with excessive integrity and reliability for reinforcing to avoid the coach’s collision in opposed weather occasions, such as a foggy or wet and determine the monitor problems. On this, we used UV sensors, IR sensors, the LPC2148 processor to hinder educate collision as well as monitor cracks. On this paper, we alert the station grasp, driver to hinder the coach collisions with the help of GSM.


Train Traffic Control Station (TTCS); UV Sensors; IR Sensors; GSM;


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