Seelam Uma, Aksa Rani


Presently days, we saw number of disasters occurred in railways. The mishaps were happened as a result of track part and not perceived the opposite plans on a comparable track at the perfect time. Exactly when the get ready met with a setback most noteworthy people lose their lives. Most of the accidents were occurred with thoughtlessness of individuals and without authentic correspondence from Train Traffic Control Station (TTCS).to keep these issues we perceived sensors which will recognize the railroad track parts and recognize the opposite get ready in a comparative track inside a short traverse. The motivation behind the task is to create and plan a minimal effort framework with high uprightness and dependability for improving to keep the prepare's crash in unfriendly climate circumstances, for example, a foggy or blustery and distinguish the track issues. In this we using UV sensors, IR sensors, LPC2148 processor to avoid prepare crash and in addition track breaks. In this paper we alarm the station ace, driver to keep away from the prepare impacts with the assistance of GSM.


Prepare Traffic Control Station (TTCS); UV Sensors; IR Sensors; GSM; LPC 2148 Processor;


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