Orsu Veera Venkatarao, J Shiva Shankar


A stylish vehicle monitoring and tracking device based totally definitely totally on Embedded Linux specially droid application have emerge as produced and achieved for tracking the university car inside the location A to place B at real-time. The encouraged device ought to area inside the car whose role is determined on the internet web page and supervised at real-time. Inside the encouraged device, there can be evaluation concerning the current-day vehicle course and already focused then to the document machine of raspberry pi. Inside the advocated machine the already unique course in the raspberry pi’s document machine received from car owner’s android realistic cell telephone the use of android software. The recommended device furthermore preferred proper care of the visitor’s safety through the use of LPG Gas leakage sensor MQ6 and temperature sensor DS18B20. The recommended tool makes use of contemporary-day technology that based totally mostly on Embedded Linux board specially Raspberry Pi and Smartphone android software program software. The encouraged device produces Gps navigation /GPRS/GSM SIM900A Module which incorporates all of the 3 subjects particularly Gps navigation GPRS GSM. The Gps navigation contemporary region within the automobile GPRS transmits the monitoring information for the server in addition to the GSM may be used as delivering alert message to car’s owner mobile.


Vehicle Monitoring; Tracking System; Raspberry Pi; Sensors; Embedded System; Smartphone Android Application;


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