S. Pradeep Kumar Reddy, M. Raghavendra Rao


There is a lot of advancement in the internet based strategy in a well efficient fashion respectively. Here the advancement is related to the computation of the cloud in a well oriented approach respectively. There is a lot of demand for this particular aspect from the user based aspect in a well oriented fashion respectively. Many of the users are getting attracted to this particular strategy in a well efficient fashion respectively. Here there is a user friendly oriented access of the environment followed by the quite reliable fashion respectively. There is a major problem with respect to this particular oriented strategy is the security is the major problem due to the wireless based communication of the data in a well oriented fashion respectively. Here the service provider based on the outsourcing oriented data plays a major role in the system based aspect in which query based similarity measure followed by the data metric oriented outsourcing in a well oriented fashion respectively. Here there is a provision has to be maintained in the present design oriented technique is rather well efficient format in which depending on the requirement of the user the data is directly provided for the user based access but not for the mediator oriented strategy by the dealer. Here there is a huge analysis is made n the system that is the mutual agreement is made between the user followed by the well effective service provider based fashion in which there would be maintained with the privacy or not and also the agreement involves the terms and conditions oriented aspect followed by the terms of the use with respect to the cost and the bandwidth allocation and everything there is a proper trade off followed by the negotiation based phenomena. Experiments have been conducted on the present designed technique and it performance based strategy followed by the entire system outcome is displayed in a very efficient fashion respectively.


Processing of the data related query; Security based aspect; Privacy control; Data authentication and integration respectively;


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