Mohammed Ketab Yousif, R.Vijaya Prakash


Composites are efficient to deal with tensile and compression loads than metals. Now a day, metals are replaced with composites owing to their high strength to weight ratio and are extensively used in aircrafts and automobile structures. These structures are subjected to high strain rates during impact loading, and are crucial in the design of robust composite structures. In the present work Tensile, Compression, Impact and Brinell hardness, for different configurations were obtained. The Tensile, Compression and Hardness were obtained in all the three orientations with the thickness of 1.27cm, where as Compression strength for all the three orientations was obtained with the specimen thickness of 3 cm. All the configurations chosen were as per ASTM standards. Hand lay-up method was used for the production of GFRP composites. The Results of this study indicates that using GFRP in the form of woven structure with Bi-direction orientation improves the mechanical properties compared with Multi and Uni-directional GFRP composites.


GFRP Composites, Tensile Strength, Flexural Strength.


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