V. Thrimounika, Revathi .


The suggested system promotes the control engineer to get the data values anyplace inside the control room. This latest product is suited to obtaining the control parameters like temperature and level process variables of the existing temperature process controller. Because of the static nature of control room atmosphere, the consumer ought to always be static to watch the procedure. A visible approach of entire process station is supplied in one computer monitor to ensure that a consumer can monitor the whole process from one screen. The setup from the suggested work can be used directly for monitoring the real life process control signals like liquid level and temperature only. The RTD sensor used is of platinum type and finds its application for industrial purposes in calculating the temperature of the liquid. The arduino device used here's an arguing 1 board which comprises the controller, Bluetooth shield, Bluetooth serial module. The suggested system approach supplies a good fix for your problem an arduino board can be used for obtaining process control parameters in the sensors and transmitting it using a Bluetooth module for an android device. Therefore, the parameter values could be monitored and stored concurrently. The arduino device including the arduino board combined with the Bluetooth shield and serial Bluetooth module, communicates towards the android device. The happen to be logged in and also at exactly the same instant they're monitored continuously around the android tablet screen.


Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD); Bluetooth; Mobile Control Room; Arduino; Sensors;


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