J. Pushpa, P. Gangadhar


The suggested system will make use of recent technology that according to Embedded Linux board namely Raspberry Pi and Smartphone android application. The suggested system creates Gps navigation/GPRS/GSM SIM900A Module including all of the three things namely Gps navigation GPRS GSM. The Gps navigation current location from the vehicle GPRS transmits the tracking information towards the server and also the GSM can be used for delivering alert message to vehicle’s owner mobile. A sophisticated vehicle monitoring and tracking system according to Embedded Linux Board and android application was created and implemented for monitoring the college vehicle from the location A to location B at real-time. The suggested system would place within the vehicle whose position will be determined on the internet page and monitored at real-time. Within the suggested system, there's comparison between your current vehicle path and already specified path in to the file system of raspberry pi. Therefore, the driver drives the automobile only around the vehicle owner’s specified path. When the driver drives the automobile around the wrong path then your alert message is going to be sent in the suggested system towards the vehicle’s owner mobile as well as loudspeakers alert driven using Raspberry pi’s audio jack. Within the suggested system the already specified path within the raspberry pi’s file system obtained from vehicle owner’s android Smartphone using android application. The suggested system also required proper care of the traveler’s safety by utilizing LPG Gas leakage sensor MQ6 and temperature sensor DS18B20.Means picking a path from location one place to another happens from vehicle owner’s android application which provides more safety and safeguards visiting the traveler. When the vehicle’s speed goes past the required worth of the rate, then even the warning message is going to be sent from system towards the owner mobile.


Raspberry Pi; Sensors; Embedded system;


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