K. Lakshmi Prasanna, J. Damodhar


Embedded systems are becoming an inevitable part of any product or equipment in all fields including household appliances, telecommunications, medical equipment, industrial control, consumer products etc. The field in which embedded systems place on important role is the Robotics. The evolution of robotics is from line following robot which follow the line and reach the target. An advancement is added to the above is obstacle detection. Manual operation was introduced to navigate the robot for pick & place an object. From the inspiration of above technologies, a new navigation method for indoor robot system is proposed.

The proposed system composed of a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag sensor, a LCD Module, a Buzzer and Ultrasonic sensors. RFID tags are used to track the items like cows, railroad cars and airline luggage, that were shipped over long distances. If the obstacle is in front of the vehicle it automatically changes the direction and it also estimates the distance and direction, which is important for the robot after detecting a target.


RFID Reader; RFID Tags; Ultrasonic Sensors; DC Motor; LCD Module; Buzzer;


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