M.Chaitanya Nava Kumar, Kolla Naga Srinivasa Rao


The output of Portland cement releases co2 (CO2) that's a significant contributor from the green house gas emissions towards the atmosphere. To be able to address the ecological effect connected with Portland cement, there's a want to use other binders to create concrete. Among the efforts to create more eco-friendly concrete would be to replace the quantity of Portland cement in concrete with by-product materials for example fly ash. An essential achievement in connection with this is the introduction of High Volume Fly Ash (HVFA) concrete that employs as much as 60 % of fly ash, but offers excellent mechanical qualities with enhanced durability performance. Fly ash, among the source materials for geopolymer binders, can be obtained abundantly worldwide, but up to now its utilization is restricted. Geo polymer concrete is proving itself to be a brand new material that provides the advantage of an eco-friendly construction material for sustainable development. You should reduce CO2 emissions with the greater utilization of substitute to ordinary Portland cement (OPC) for example fly ash, clay yet others geo-based material. This project ought to be study the processing of geo polymer using fly ash and alkaline activator with Geo polymerization process. The standards that influence the first age compressive strength for example molarities of sodium hydroxide have to be studied. Sodium hydroxide and sodium silicate solution were utilized being an alkaline activator. This paper is dedicated to heat-cured low-calcium fly ash-based geo polymer concrete. Low-calcium fly ash is preferred like a source material than high-calcium fly ash. The existence of calcium in high amounts may hinder the polymerization process modify the microstructure.


Fly Ash; Portland Cement; Polymer Concrete; Alkaline Activator;


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