K. Jaya Sri, T. Neetha


Social networks provide facilities such as sharing, hosting and upload and manage images that are shared and transferred online social network. And it relates to providing photo sharing to transfer user or post pictures online digital images for easy downloading and viewing of both sites and applications. It can also be used by the user to manage photo galleries and photo blog that can make the pictures show, but not allow them to upload photos. If the user is allowed to post and comment and mark the image and then can reveal the user's privacy, so to solve this problem it is to explain the various systems that can identify everyone in the picture. And share photos with a group of people with the help of online photo sharing, which provides users with several innovative alternatives. many social networking sites to share images that help users in publishing photographs of the family is offered, friends and family nearby. safe loading ensures image and makes each individual present in the image to be aware of the activity as well as publish them to participate actively in the activity of the implementation of the image. This system is considered the needs of users, and focuses on privacy issues, and the behavior of current users and take into account concerns about protecting the privacy of individuals.


Images Of Privacy; Social Networking; And Secure Multi-Party Account; And Collaborative Learning;


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