K. Prabhakar, B. Vennela


Farming environments are complex systems where significant alterations in one ecological factor might have a bad impact on another. Ecological factors can impact survival and growth, particularly in relation to germination, sprouting, flowering and fruit development. Cellular devices (particularly smart tablets and phones) may be used to monitor quality of existence parameters. Today cellular devices use embedded sensors for example accelerometers, compasses, GPSs, microphones, and cameras without thinking about, for instance, the quality of air or even the pollutants from the atmosphere. This paper is definitely the possible ways to make use of the Smartphone’s abilities to collect data using their company phones or sensors. The atmosphere condition’s parameters for example humidity and temperature ought to be monitored. This time could be acquired by utilizing distributed devices in numerous environments that that contains high-resolution sensors along with a wireless transmission apparatus for transferring data to Smartphone’s. The Bluetooth was selected like a transmission tool as it is baked into all Smartphone’s.


Smart Phone; Embedded System; Sensors; High Quality Transmission; Agriculture;


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