G. Shravanya, Ch. China Subba Reddy, T. Shesagiri


In databases, modern studies forecasted managing of database queries on encrypted data by way of file encryption methods Brand New they are not suitable for data outsourcing situations by which data are stationary and participate in approach to restricted users. We aim geo-social services, and movie that servers are compromised and, consequently, are untrustworthy. We introduce a dependable system of location towards index mapping for attaining user confidentiality and managing of accurateness in location basis applications. The unit of location towards index mapping bakes a marked improvement of location confidentiality missing of inclusion of insecurity into query results and additionally the unit views an essential move toward making location privacy realistic for rising geo-social services.


Database Queries; Index Mapping; Geo-Social Services; Location Privacy; Encryption Methods; Location Basis Applications;


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