T. Anitha, G. Spandana


Outsourced data storage in cloud computing atmosphere needs huge data management and maintenance costs for that cloud servers, due to its growing demands in computing conditions.  In cloud storage servers, the customer system stores their data towards the cloud storage without acquiring a close copy.  The primary issue during this scenario should be to integrity auditing the information for security reasons on voiding data repetitions, due to the untreated huge outsourced data for that cloud servers. This paper will project and solve the issues for example voiding data repetitions and integrity auditing of understanding on cloud data storage, we offer two fundamental secure schemes to overcome the above mentioned pointed out stated issues in strongly related cloud computing atmosphere.  They are ConfCldEnv and ConfCldEnv.  The initial ConfCldEnv, will audit the integrity of clients produced data tags before uploading for the cloud, this course of action include Reduce Map cloud. Due to this plan of action, it heavily cuts lower round the computational costs of clients with the auditing and file uploading process. As well as the second ConfCldEnv  provides the designed request clients by triggers integrity auditing and secure voiding repetitions of understanding, when clients wants to secure their data before uploading data on cloud.


Integrity Auditing; Cloud Data Storage; Security; Confcldenv;


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